BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) for
Wrinkle Removal in Singapore

BTX is an injection treatment that involves injecting neurotoxins into the targeted facial muscles. BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) can remove the appearance of dynamic wrinkles for a smoother, younger-looking skin. It also has been widely used for face slimming and jaw reduction to achieve a V Shape Face.

  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Jaw Reduction
  • Bruxism

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Benefits of BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) in Singapore

Smooth out wrinkles

Face and jaw slimming

Reduce bulky jaw muscle

No Downtime and Pain

Single session for results

Safe for use, FDA Approved

How does BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) work?

For Wrinkle Removal, it works by injecting Neurotoxins into the targeted muscles to block nerve receptors in the muscle, weakening muscle to avoid muscle contraction. This results in lesser lines and wrinkles from forming, smoothing out the skin. 

For Jaw Reduction, the neurotoxins can shrink the size of large muscle groups such as the masseter muscles (jaw chewing muscle) to create a defined and slimmer jawline for a V Shape Face or to treat patients with bruxism.

What to expect from BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins)?

BTX is administered via manual injection. The entire treatment takes only about 20 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas to treat. BTX treatment requires no anaesthesia as it is pain-free with no downtime, you may resume back to your daily activities right after the procedure.

What are the different brands of BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins)?

We alternate between Dysport and Xeomin, both are FDA approved in Singapore and do the same thing with a small difference in their spreadability. 

Dysport provides a more even distribution, making it suitable for large areas like the jaw muscle. Xeomin has no additives, making it a pure form of botulinum toxin injectable, this means our body will be less resistant to it.

We use Xeomin for smaller areas where muscles are frequently contracted due to facial expressions. 

What areas can I inject BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) in?

For Wrinkle Removal, the areas for Injectable Neurotoxins are typically where dynamic wrinkles are present. Dynamic Wrinkles are formed when facial muscles are engaged, like when we smile or frown. Common dynamic wrinkles are Forehead lines, Frown lines and Crow’s Feet. 

For Jaw Reduction or Face Slimming, the area to target is the bulky jaw muscles, which gives the appearance of a square jaw. Most patients do Injectable Neurotoxins in their jaw muscles to achieve a sharper face and defined jawline.

An overview on BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) Singapore

Treatment Duration

20 – 30 mins

Recommended Session

Depends on area

Recommended Interval

4 – 6 months

Recovery Time

Zero downtime

Treatment Cost


Is BTX a Safe Treatment?

Generally, BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) treatment is a safe treatment with almost immediate results. Choosing the right doctor plays a big part, as it does have the risk of side effects when not performed by a certified doctor with a good track record and extensive experience.

At Become Aesthetics Clinic, we only carry brands that are FDA approved.

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FAQ on BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) treatment in Singapore

BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) is suitable for patients that want to reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles on their face, or to achieve a slimmer jawline. As agreed with most experts, patients in their mid to late 20s can consider BTX for early preventative treatment too. 

Other complications may involve droopy eyelids and crooked smile depending on the injected targeted area, but this is very rare. 

  • Mild pain, redness and swelling which will subside within the day
  • Bruising may occur but can be eased with cold compression

Our BTX treatment is FDA approved in Singapore and performed by MOH certified doctors. Treatment is generally well-tolerated with no downtime.

After BTX treatment, you can see noticeable results in 2-7 days, most patients usually see visible effects within 24 hours, however the full effects will take approximately 2 weeks.

For Jaw Reduction, once jaw muscle is relaxed, it shrinks about 20-30% of the size. Full effect takes about 3-4 weeks for a slimmer and more defined jawline.

BTX effects generally last between 4-6 months, depending on individual metabolism and muscle activities. It is recommended to do “top up” treatments to maintain your desired appearance and prolong the duration of effect of treatment.

It is recommended to avoid blood-thinning medication 1 week before your treatment and avoid consuming alcohol 1 day before your treatment to prevent the risk of bruising.

Avoid massaging the treated area for 1 day to prevent diffusion to unwanted areas. You may apply cold compress to reduce the swell if there is.

Avoid alcohol, hot sauna or strenuous exercise for 3 days after the treatment as it may affect the effectiveness of the treatment.

Yes, you can combine BTX with other treatments such as HIFU or filler to achieve a V Shape Face. Speak to our doctors for a comprehensive anti-ageing treatment plan that is suited for your condition.