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Everything you need to know about Pico Laser – According to a Doctor

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In Singapore, Pico Laser has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its efficacy in treating pigmentation problems such as melasma, acne marks, dark spots, wrinkles and so on. In actual practice, our clinics have seen an immense growth of the treatment requests in Singapore, most of which are returning customers – a favourable indicator of the treatment’s efficiency.

In this article, we ask our doctor to explain what the treatment is about. We’ll explore everything you need to know about Pico Lasers and if it’s suitable for you. 

Dr Philip Explains About Pico Lasers:

What exactly are Pico Laser treatments?

Pico Laser is a non-invasive laser therapy that is used to address common skin imperfections without the typical downtime and pain of other alternative lasers.

It can also help stimulate collagen production which is an essential part of natural skin repair. These properties combined will help you achieve a more youthful skin complexion.

Currently, the technology is regarded as one of the most advanced laser treatments available and it is known for its efficiency in delivering noticeable results in fewer sessions than its comparable options. It is also safe and can be used on both the body and face.

How does Pico Lasers work?

Pico Laser works by delivering ultra-short pulses of lasers to a very targeted area. Pigments under the skin will then absorb the laser’s energy and break it down into smaller fragments. These are then removed naturally by the body’s immune system.

How Pico laser works

How short are the Pico pulses?

1 trillionth of a second. This is 100x shorter than traditional lasers such as Q-switch and this is desirable mainly for 2 reasons.

  • More shots can then be fired given the same amount of time. The pigments are shattered into smaller fragments which are easier for the body to remove. This translates to fewer sessions to achieve good clinical results compared to alternative lasers.
  • A shorter pulse duration means less excessive heat is being delivered to the surrounding skin. This in turn lowers the risk of thermal damage and hyperpigmentation or darketing of pigments.

How does the treatment improve skin complexion?

The treatment brings an added benefit of triggering collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein that serves as one of the main building blocks for not just your skin but also your bones, hair and muscles. And it is one of the main magical ingredients behind supple and firm skin.

What is the Pico Laser treatment for?

Pico lasers are adjustable and can be used to treat a large variety of skin conditions. Pico Lasers are mainly known to treat pigmentation issues such as melasma, freckles and acne scars, but they can also brighten, tighten and induce collagen production. The lasers are also highly effective at tattoo removals.

  • treats pigmentation issues – melasma, freckles
  • acne scars
  • collagen stimulation
  • brightening
  • skin tightening
  • tattoo removal

How do Pico Lasers work for tattoo removals?

Pico Lasers are extremely effective at removing tattoos, especially for black and grey tattoos. Pico Lasers have a configurable wavelength of 532,755 and 1064 nanometres, making it the only laser capable of removing multi-coloured tattoos.

Pico Laser removes tattoos

Who is suitable for Pico Lasers?

The treatment is suitable for most people regardless of skin tone. You may consider Pico Laser if you are looking to reduce the appearance of skin discolouration, stubborn pigments, acne marks or tattoo removal but are not keen on long downtime and discomfort from traditional laser treatments.

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