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Guide to Fade Pigmentations

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How To Reduce Pigmentations?

Are you scared to undergo invasive surgical procedures but want to eliminate the pores and black spots in your skin? You can restore your skin’s smoothness by opting for treatment with a Pico laser at Become Aesthetics.

The Pico laser is an advanced tool for eliminating pigmentation, tattoos, blemishes, and enlarged pores on the skin. It also helps to erase signs of aging, giving you a more youthful appearance. This innovative technology has transformed the way in which these issues are addressed.

Compared to traditional laser treatments, this approach is less intrusive and has fewer potential negative consequences. It is hazardous to take action without proper understanding. You can attain what you desire with minimal fretting.

What Is Pico Laser Treatment?

This Pico Laser Treatment utilizes intense beams of light that pulse repeatedly, targeting the affected area. These high-intensity waves can either remove the outer layer of skin or encourage collagen production beneath it. This type of laser treatment is gentle and does not cause lasting harm, while also requiring minimal time for recovery.

What Kind Of Pigmentations Can It Assist With?

Pico Singapore is a versatile laser device that includes six tools capable of emitting light in four different wavelengths. As a result, it can effectively treat a wide range of skin ailments.


The color of skin is determined by melanin, a pigment produced by melanocytes. Its production can be increased due to various factors such as exposure to sunlight, hormonal changes, inflammation of the skin and genetic tendencies. When melanin accumulates excessively in one area of the skin, it may result in the appearance of dark spots or brown patches.

The following are some issues related to pigmentation that could potentially be improved by undergoing Pico laser treatment at Become Aesthetics.

Freckles: Extended exposure to the sun can lead to the formation of freckles, which are small, flat, brown spots.

Solar lentigo: Also known as age spots, are a type of freckles that result from sun exposure. They are roughly the same size as freckles but typically darker in color. With age and increased UV exposure, these marks become more visible and prominent on your skin, revealing your true complexion.

Melasma: A type of abnormal skin coloring that commonly occurs among women with darker complexions during pregnancy. It results from either an overproduction of melanin or its uneven distribution.

Hori’s nevus: A type of skin condition found in middle-aged women of Asian descent, where there are patches of blue-gray to gray-brown discoloration on both cheeks.

Tattoos: Injected ink pigments beneath the skin’s dermis layer and can be either permanent or temporary, serving various purposes such as aesthetics, symbolism, and visuals.

How Does It Work?

Pico laser technology is known to be more effective and efficient in removing tattoos, acne scars, and pigmentation as it delivers a higher amount of energy in a shorter duration of time compared to traditional laser treatments. Tiny pigment particles allow for the breaking of pigments into extremely small pieces, a feat that could not be achieved previously with traditional nanosecond lasers. This means that the immune system can more easily remove these particles and less time is required for the overall removal process.

The complete disappearance of coloring is achievable through the use of a dissolving agent. Diverse forms of tattoo pigments are also capable of being dissolved by this substance.

Why is Pico Laser good for you? 

The Pico pigmentation removal laser is more effective than other lasers because it allows for precise focusing of the laser beams. This makes the treatment process shorter and results in satisfactory outcomes after a fewer number of sessions.


Pigmentations don’t have to be something that you are stuck with forever. With Pico Laser, you can experience a low downtime, fast healing process to be free from pigmentations on your face.

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