HIFU Treatment for Non-Surgical Facelift

HIFU in Singapore
@ $250 Nett

Tighten and lift aged skin and saggy face without surgery with HIFU Facelift!

HIFU is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for face lifting and skin tightening. It stimulate collagen growth to help combat signs of ageing to achieve firmer skin and a V Shaped face!

✓ Tighten Loose Skin
✓ Lift Saggy Face
✓ Remove Double Chin
✓ Define Jawline
✓ Reduce Wrinkles

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Benefits of HIFU Facelift

HIFU is effective in addressing skin laxity as it kickstarts collagen and elastin production in skin to keep it firm and tight. Many have chosen HIFU for double chin or cheek fats removal to achieve a V Shape Face. It provides similar results as a surgical facelift but without downtime and complications.

Non-Surgical Face Lifting

No incision, No scars

FDA Approved in Singapore

Last up to 12 months

Single Treatment for Results

Treatment by Medical Doctor

How does HIFU works?

HIFU works by using medical-grade ultrasound energy to reach into the skin at precise depths. The ultrasound energy trigger collagen growth and promote effective healing and tissue repair, which leads to:

  • Skin tightening and lifting
  • Fine lines and wrinkle reduction
  • Fat melting to reduce double chin and chubby cheeks
  • Overall improvement of skin tone and texture

HIFU works on three layers – Epidermis, Deep Dermis and Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS). The SMAS layer is where surgeons manipulate during a traditional facelift.

  • At 1.5mm depth, it reaches the superficial dermis to reduce melanin, which lightens pigmentation and brightens the skin.
  • At 3mm depth, it targets the deep dermis for a skin tightening effect via controlled heating of skin tissue and collagen production.
  • At 4.5mm depth, it reaches the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) for a skin lifting effect.

Treatment Area for HIFU Facelift

Common fine lines and wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines, smile lines and neck lines can be treated by HIFU. It can also remove the appearance of double chin, saggy jowls and chubby cheeks for a more defined jawline to achieve a V Shaped face.

Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction

Double Chin Removal

Saggy Cheeks & Jowls Reduction

pico laser for uneven skin

Jawline & Neckline Definition

HIFU treatment
HIFU Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Team of Trusted Doctors

Our team of trusted doctors have a wealth of experience in dealing with safe, effective and non-invasive skin rejuvenation methods. They will customise a treatment plan according to your specific concerns and needs.

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An overview on HIFU Facelift Singapore

Suitable for

Wrinkles, saggy face and skin, double chin, heavy cheeks and neck lines

Treatment Duration

30 – 40 mins

Recommended Session

1 ~ 2 sessions
depends on individual

Recommended Interval

6 – 12 months

Recovery Time

None to minimal downtime
depends on individual

Treatment Cost

$250 Nett

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FAQ on HIFU Face Lift in Singapore

There is minimal discomfort as you may feel a heat sensation or slight ache along the jawline and cheekbone during the procedure due to the warm pulses of energy causing collagen and muscle contraction. This shows that collagen production is taking place. 

HIFU is a comfortable treatment overall and usually requires no anesthesia. Most patients find it bearable and resume back to daily activities right after the treatment. Topical numbing cream is available to ease any discomfort if required.

HIFU is a safe and effective treatment, with approval from FDA. However, you should be aware of some side effects it may have that are very rare. 

Mild ache and tingling sensation only during the procedure at certain areas, which is reported as bearable for most patients. 

Redness on the skin may be visible for some patients with sensitive skin. This is not permanent and will subside a few hours after the treatment. 

Swelling of skin after the treatment may happen but it is extremely rare. Swelling will subside within a few days.

Most patients need 1 HIFU treatment to achieve results, with regular maintenance every 6 – 12 months. For those with severe skin laxity concerns may need 1-2 HIFU treatment for a start to see optimal results.

HIFU works effectively, many people just require one session. Of course, each client is unique because of their age, skin laxity, and biological sensitivity to collagen production. After half a year, some customers might benefit from further treatments.

Some people report visible effects right away, although wrinkles start to improve approximately 4 weeks following the procedure. As your body creates more new collagen, the HIFU outcomes would keep improving.

3 to 6 months following the procedure, patients report noticing continuous skin tightening. Based on the patient’s age and skin laxity, the results might last from 9 to 12 months.

Length of treatment ranges from 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the regions being treated. This is why so many individuals choose HIFU as an alternative treatment. You might, however, feel slight redness. There may be tingling or swelling, but it’s totally normal.

Before your HIFU treatment, we will have your face cleansed. After which, a layer of numbing cream will be applied onto your face for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on individuals. This step can be skipped, if you are comfortable to proceed without numbing cream.

Once your face is numbed, a cooling gel will be applied to help ease the movement of the HIFU probe. This is to ensure that the probe is able to glide smoothly over your skin and to protect your skin from the ultrasonic waves.

During the treatment, our doctor will target specific areas on your face and HIFU energy is delivered from the handheld device in short bursts. You may feel some slight discomfort as the energy is delivered to the treatment areas.

After the treatment, you can resume back to your normal activities immediately. As HIFU is a non-invasive treatment, you will only experience minimal downtime such mild redness and swelling. This is completely norma and it will resolve within a few hours.

You will notice long-lasting immediate and gradual results from HIFU. Some of you may see subtle tightening of the skin after the treatment, but it do not just stop there. HIFU also provides continuous improvement for up to a year after the treatment.

However, the lasting results of HIFU will ultimately depend on your skin condition, lifestyle or whether you are undergoing maintenance HIFU treatments to slow down the unavoidable ageing process. In order to maintain your desire appearance, it is recommended to get regular touch-up treatments.

You can expect to see mild results right after treatment such as slight skin tightening and improved skin texture. The full positive result of HIFU treatment appears after 2 to 3 months as collagen fibres take time to mature for lifting effect to be visible and obvious. The long term results that are noticeable include:

  • Firmer skin with less sagging
  • Lifted and smoother face contours
  • Reduced wrinkles and pores
  • Brighter skin tone