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What is Sylfirm X and How Does It Work?

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Skin conditions are common among people of all ages, skin types, and races. They might have skin issues such as melasma, acne, or other skin problems. However, even those immune to these issues might still see the natural effects of aging on their skin.

What is Sylfirm X Treatment?

Sylfirm X is an innovative treatment that uses Repeated Ultra-short Pulse technology to treat pigmentation and vascular lesions by targeting abnormal blood vessels and tissues. The use of gold microneedles makes it effective for treating various skin issues, including acne scars and melasma, while also offering skin tightening effects.

Sylfirm X uses a microneedle technology that creates an electromagnetic field to penetrate the epidermal layers with minimally invasive electrodes. Unlike other conventional RF micro-needle devices that only use Continuous Wave (CW) technology, Sylfirm X uses both Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave technology. This allows for customizable treatments based on the patient’s skin type and condition.

As a cutting-edge RF micro-needle technology, Sylfirm X provides skin rejuvenation with minimal invasiveness. The use of very small needles that provide radiofrequency heat radiation increases collagen formation, which lessens wrinkles, pore size, skin laxity, fine lines, and acne scars while enhancing skin texture and tone.

How Does Sylfirm X Work?

Controlled micro damage caused by RF microneedles stimulates the body’s healing process, triggering the biological processes that produce new elastin and collagen. These processes are often slowed due to aging, environmental damage, slowed cell turnover, and decreased replacement rate. Sylfirm X enhances these processes, resulting in younger-looking and feeling skin.

The procedure involves injecting microneedles and emitting RF energy in the form of heat that is directly transferred to the dermis. The numbing effect may cause a mild heated itching sensation. After the procedure, a relaxing mask or balm may be applied.

The Sylfirm X procedure typically lasts 30-45 minutes and shows benefits after 3-4 sessions. Before each session, the skin is cleaned and a topical anesthetic lotion is applied to make any discomfort or pain go away. Once the skin has become numb, the practitioner presses the micro-needling tool over the intended treatment regions.

Sylfirm X Treatment Downtime

Most individuals have no or very little downtime following this procedure. As a natural reaction, you can experience minor swelling, tenderness, and redness immediately following your Sylfirm procedure. These, however, will subside in 24-48 hours.

Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to shield the skin. A day following the procedure, you can wear cosmetics, but you should be cautious because your skin would be more sensitive due to the small punctures.

Also, your skincare products would reach deeper layers of the skin. Over the next several days, speak with your physician to determine which skin products are good for you.

Benefits of Sylfirm X Treatment

Sylfirm X is a therapy option that combines the advantages of rf energy and the microneedle technique to improve collagen production. There is very little downtime, and normal daily activities can be continued after your therapy.

Results From Sylfirm X Treatment

For visible outcomes, more sessions will be required. Before you get your best benefits, new collagen and elastin may take many months to be produced. The procedure is pleasant, and patients typically report that it’s less painful compared to traditional radio frequency procedures. A numbing ointment is applied topically to reduce pain. Nevertheless, your might feel the stamping of needles, which could cause mild discomfort.


If you’re someone who suffers from pigmentation and vascular lesions or other skin issues such as acne scars, melasma, fine lines, and wrinkles, Sylfirm X might be the treatment for you. With the use of cutting-edge technology, it is highly customizable based on your skin type and condition, making it an effective and non-invasive solution for a variety of skin issues.

At Become Aesthetics Clinic, we offer Sylfirm X treatment, and our team of experts is available to answer any questions you might have. If you’re interested in learning more and how it can benefit your skin, give us a call today.

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