Fotona 4D Upper Eyelid Lifting in Singapore

What is Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment?

Fotona 4D Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment helps with saggy skin around the eyes, lifts the eyelids with no downtime and pain.

  • Lift droopy eyelids
  • Tighten saggy skin around the eyes
  • Improve the appearance of dark eye circles

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Benefits of Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting in Singapore

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting is a FDA-approved eye rejuvenation treatment that is clinically proven to improve skin’s firmness and elasticity, reducing signs of ageing such as droopy eyelids and eye wrinkles.

Lift and tighten droopy eyelids

Reduce eye wrinkles and fine lines

Improve skin elasticity and firmness

What Cause Saggy Eyelids?

As we age, the upper eyelids may start to sag as the skin and muscles that provide support loses their strength over time.

On top of that, the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of our face.

Besides natural ageing, external factors such as smoking, prolonged sun exposure, poor diet or sleeping habits, and excessive screen time can all contribute to saggy eyelids and unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.

Fotona SMOOTH® mode
Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting Treatment Areas

How does Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting work?

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting works by using the patented laser technology, SMOOTH® mode, to deliver “feather-like” laser energy onto the treatment area.

A gentle heat is applied in controlled micro pulses to allow precise penetration into the deep dermis.

This process stimulate collagen remodelling and contraction to rejuvenate saggy skin around the eyes, tightening and lifting droopy lids and wrinkles non-surgically.

Treatment Areas for Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting treats the entire periocular region, including regions above, below and lateral to the eye for effective skin rejuvenation, eyelid lifting and wrinkle reduction.

This laser treatment helps to achieve a younger and fresher appearance, eliminating tired-looking eyes.

What to expect for Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting?

Before Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting procedure, numbing cream can be applied onto the treatment area to ensure a comfortable treatment experience.

The treatment proceeds with a gentle heat applied to the treatment area, you may experience a warm sensation during this. You can resume back to daily activities immediately after.

You can expect a lifted, smoother and more even skin texture after the treatment with gradual improvements.

Fotona® Laser Machine

An overview on Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting Singapore

Treatment Duration

30 mins

Recommended Session

5 – 10 sessions

Recommended Interval

3 – 4 weeks

Recovery Time

No Downtime

Treatment Cost

From $128

Are there side effects for Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment?

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting is FDA approved laser treatment in Singapore with no adverse side effects reported, making this treatment is safe and effective for use.

You may experience some slight redness or swelling for 1-2 days after the procedure, depending on individuals. This is normal like any other skin laser treatments. You may resume back to normal activities right after your treatment.

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting target the skin around the eyes, it does not have any direct contact with the eyeball.

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FAQ on Fotona Upper Eyelid Lifting in Singapore

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting is suitable for individuals who are experiencing signs of ageing such as skin laxity around the eyes. Patients who afraid of surgery or injection treatments can also consider Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting to restore skin elasticity around the eyes.

Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting is mostly tolerable and comfortable to our patients. This treatment typically do not require numbing cream, but to ensure patient comfort, we will provide numbing cream to minimise any discomfort during the procedure.

Depending on the severity of your condition, Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment typically requires 5-10 sessions, with each session is done 3-4 weeks apart, followed by regular maintenance treatments every 3-6 months to achieve and sustain your desired look, as collagen levels in skin depletes naturally over time.

Most patients for Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment will notice subtle results such as brighter skin tone and smoother skin texture around the eyes after the first session. Continual improvement such as lifted eyelids and tighter skin follows gradually that usually last for up to 12 months.

Result varies and depends on individual’s condition, as a wide variety of external factors such as your lifestyle and diet can have an impact on your skin.

After Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment, for the first 1-3 days, please take note of following the post-treatment instructions for speedy recovery:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Apply daily sun protection
  • Apply moisturizer on treatment area

Yes, Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting can be combined with other eye rejuvenation treatments as Sunekos Eye, Rejuran i, BTX and fillers for optimal results. However, if you are afraid of injection treatments, Fotona® Upper Eyelid Lifting treatment can be done as a treatment on its own.

Speak to our doctors to understand what combination would be suitable for you.