V Shape Face Treatments in Singapore

Having a V Shape Face is what most people desire! Without a doubt, it remains the most popular face shape in Asia as it is associated with beauty, femininity and youthfulness.

Sagging of skin or water retention are common reasons why you have a less defined face shape. It may also be due to having bulky masseter muscles or buccal fat that creates the appearance of a broader and wider face shape. 

Thanks to advancement in technology, we now have non-surgical face slimming treatments to achieve a V Shape Shape easily and comfortably.

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What is a V Shape Face?

V Shape Face is also known as “V-line Face”, which generally has these characteristics:

Lifted and defined cheeks

Slim and contoured jawline

Dainty and sharp chin

Why is a V Shape Face so popular?

Having a sharper and smaller face gives the impression of a refreshed and younger appearance, which is why it is desired by many. This visually appealing face shape makes it easy for individuals to look good in every possible angle as it incorporates the golden ratio of one thirds when it comes to facial proportion. 

How to achieve a V Shape Face?

Traditionally many had to undergo jaw reduction or chin implantation surgeries to get this facial structure. Surgeries typically involve long recovery and surgical risks. Nowadays, non-surgical treatments are readily available to effectively achieve similar results, avoiding all that hassle.

Non-Surgical V Shape Face Treatment

To achieve a V Shape Face, we will first assess what kind of facial features you have that may need some enhancement, such as weak jawline or chin, wide jaws and loose skin or fat in the  under chin area. V Shape Face treatment typically consists of:

Jaw Reduction BTX

Jaw Reduction BTX or “V-line BTX” is to contour the jawline, mainly suitable for individuals with large jaw muscles or square face shape.

BTX (Injectable Neurotoxins) is injected into the jaw chewing muscles on both sides of the lower jaw to shrink and relax the muscles. Once the muscles are relaxed, it reduces in size by 20-30%. By weakening the jaw muscles, it defines the lower face, creating a softer and slimmer jawline.

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Chin Filler

Chin Filler is to create a shaper chin. It is a widely performed chin augmentation procedure to correct profile deformities and achieve a more desirable face shape. It involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the chin area, precisely placing it under the skin to add more volume.

This is to enhance the size and shape of your chin, creating a well-defined and attractive profile. Suitable for those with receded or short chin.

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HIFU is mainly for loose skin or facial fats, it uses ultrasound energy to penetrate into deep skin layers. This treatment can melt submental fats on cheeks and under the chin for slimmer cheeks and a more defined jawline.

It also stimulates new collagen and elastin production for a natural lifting and tightening effect to counter jowling or loose neck skin.

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How Much Does V Shape Treatment Cost?

Cost of V Shape Face Treatment in Singapore depends on individuals and the severity of your condition.

Non-surgical treatments may require several sessions for optimal results which will be determined by our doctor during your consultation.

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Jaw Reduction BTX

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