HIFU $250 Nett: Non-Surgical Facelift

Tighten & Lift Saggy Face Without Surgery With HIFU Facelift

$250 Nett

✅ Trusted by over 8,000 Patients
✅ Performed over 5,000 HIFU
✅ Medical Grade HIFU from Korea
✅ Permanent Results
✅ No Hidden Charges
✅ 100% Transparent Pricing 

Treat Double Chin from $x

Highly Experienced And Trusted Doctors

aesthetic clinic doctors

3 Clinics Conveniently Located In Central Singapore

Do You Have These Skin Concerns?

Noticed sign of ageing such as sagging, development of jowls, excessive buccal fat or double chin fat? HIFU can fix it all!

laugh lines hifu treatment
Laugh lines
double chin hifu treatment
Double chin
jowls hifu treatment
saggy skin hifu treatment
Saggy skin
neck line hifu treatment
Neck lines
forehead line hifu treatment
Forehead lines
crows feet hifu treatment
Eye wrinkles
brow lift hifu treatment
Brow lift

Ultracel Q+ HIFU Is Your Face Lifting Solution

Treat Double Chin from $x

4-IN-1 HIFU Facelift

✅ Face & Neck Lifting
✅ Remove Double Chin
✅ Remove Laugh Line
✅ No Incision, No Scars

What Makes Our HIFU Effective?

HIFU is the ONLY non-invasive medical device that allows the deepest penetration of energy without disrupting the skin surface
Treat Double Chin from $x

What Is Stopping You? Let’s Find Out!

authentic ultracel q+ hifu

“Confused by many types of HIFU”

There are many HIFU out there! Here’s how we can help you narrow it down to Become Aesthetics Clinic!

We are using Medical Grade Authentic Ultracel Q+ HIFU that is FDA and HSA approved for face lifting and skin rejuvenation.

Treat Double Chin from $x
Nett Price
HIFU Performed
Happy Patients
Transparent Price
Experienced Doctors
Medical Grade HIFU
Customised Treatment
Clinics 1 Min From MRT
No Pain & Downtime
No Surgery & No Needles
1 Treatment For Result
Suitable For All Skin

“Tried HIFU Before, No Results”

Be sure that your HIFU is of medical grade and professionally performed by a certified doctor! 💯

“Considering Facelift Surgery?”

Traditional facelift surgery requires general anesthesia and cutting of skin to lift the SMAS layer 🔪

With HIFU technology nowadays, many prefer this non-surgical facelift treatment to the skip complications traditional surgery impose!

Don’t Want To Do Invasive Surgery?

Surgery impose the risks of surgical complications such as:





Excessive bleeding

Long recovery time

Treat Double Chin from $x

Why Choose HIFU Instead Of Surgery?

HIFU FaceliftSurgical Facelift
DowntimeNo DowntimeLong Recovery
Pain LevelNone to MinimalSevere Pain
Targeted Skin LayerEpidermis
SMAS Layer
SMAS Layer
ResultPermanent & Long LastingPermanent & Long Lasting

Hifu Can Reach SMAS Layer!

Choose Ultracel Q+ HIFU!

Top 4 Benefits

Lifting effect at 4.5mm depth

HIFU is the only medical grade ultrasound device that reaches deep into skin layers for face and neck lifting!

Fat melting effect at 4.5mm depth

Ultracel Q+ is the only medical grade HIFU device with fat melting cartridge for excess cheek and double chin fats!

Collagen stimulation at 3.0mm depth

Evenly emit energy to overall face for the best contouring effect by stimulating skin’s collagen naturally!

Rejuvenation at 2.0mm depth

Various cartridges are available to rejuvenate each treatment areas, even the narrow areas like forehead and eye rim!

What You Get For HIFU $250 Nett?

Using Different Cartridges For Multiple Concerns
Safe & Effective Ultracel Q+ HIFU
Safe For All Skin Tones
Safe For All Skin Types

Real Patients, Real Results

Our Patient Journey

hifu patient journey
1. One to One Doctor consultation
hifu numbing cream
2. Application of Numbing Cream
hifu 2.0mm depth
3. HIFU Skin Lifting at 2.0mm
hifu 3.0mm depth
4. HIFU Skin Lifting at 3.0mm
hifu 4.5mm depth
5. HIFU Skin Lifting, Fat Melting at 4.5mm
hifu results
6. Walk Out With a Smile Today

Why Choose Us?

💯 $250 Nett Price 
💯 5000 HIFU Performed
💯 8000 Happy Patients
💯 No Hidden Charges
💯 MOH Approved Clinic
💯 Performed By Doctor
💯 Customized Treatment
💯 FDA Approved Machine
💯 Safe & Effective
💯 Permanent Results
💯  Safe For All Skin Types
💯 Safe For All Skin Tones

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