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Ultimate Guide to Looking Bright and Energetic: Eyebags and Dark Eye Circles

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What are Eyebags and Dark Eye Circles?

Eye bags and dark eye circles are often mistaken as the same concern. 

Eye bags are bags under the eyes and they appear as mild swelling and puffy under the eyes. Eye bags are formed when the tissues and muscles under the eyes that are responsible for supporting the eyelids have weakened.

This may result in the accumulation of fluid under the eyes as the fats that are incharge of supporting the eyes move towards the lower eyelids area, resulting in a puffy eyes appearance.

While dark eye circles are shadows that appear under the puffy eyes that are known as eye bags, resulting in more tired-looking eyes.

Eye bags and Tear Troughs: Are they the same?

Many people suffer from eye bags and tear troughs that can appear unsightly which can make you look more tired and energyless than usual. However, we are lucky to have aesthetic treatments available out there to get rid of these concerns.

But what is the difference between eye bags and tear troughs? 

Eye bags are when the fatty tissues around the eyes start to sag and smoking or sun exposure are usually the culprit cause for eye bags. While tear troughs appear when the fatty tissues below the eye start to sag and cause a dark circle eyes kind of appearance.
Both eye bags and tear troughs can be caused by age, genetics, and lifestyle choices. 

What Causes Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles?

There are many factors that cause eye bags to form. Older adults are usually the ones that are prone to getting eye bags or dark eye circles. As well as people with a genetic predisposition or with darker skin tones. Other factors include:

  • Fluid retention: This is very common especially waking up the morning after a salty meal because salty food causes our body to retain fluid and one of the areas where our body stores the fluid is the layer underneath our eyes. 
  • Edema: It can affect any part of the body including the eye area that is swelling caused by an over amount of fluid trapped in the body’s tissue. 
  • Genetics: Having eye bags or dark eye circles can show up if physical traits are run in the family. Inherited physical traits includes the under eye vessels are widen due to inborn allergies, blood circulation that does not function well in the body that leads to vessels under the eyes to accumulate, pigmentation under the eyes that are much darker than the rest of the skin or thin skin underneath the eyes causing reflection of the dark vessels.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Not having an ample amount of sleep can cause puffiness under the eyelid and leads to eye bags over time. 
  • Alcohol: With too much alcohol consumed, it dehydrates the body and the skin starts to turn soft and saggy as it turns weak, leading to the forming of eyebags. 
  • Smoking: Tobacco contains nicotine that interrupts the sleep cycle, resulting in the fluids stored underneath the eyes, forming eye bags.

Do Eye bags or Dark Eye Circles go away on their own?

Eye bags or dark eye circles can come and go. It might be a permanent issue that does not go away on its own. Otherwise, it may also go away on its own depending on how severe the condition is. It usually fades away on its own in less than 24 hours, but it can become permanent if the eyebags or dark eye circle persist.

Certain adjustments can be made to the daily lifestyle or habit to allow eye bags or dark eye circles to be reduced.

  • Getting enough sleep regularly, or even better if it’s daily, can help to reduce puffy eyes. Teenagers are recommended to have around 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day, adults around the ages of 18 to 64 are recommended to have around 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. It is also advisable to avoid drinking coffee or alcohol at least 6 hours before bedtime to prevent dehydration that leads to puffy eyes. 
  • Address your own allergies because it is one of the reasons that cause our eyes to look swell and puff up, and it is advised to speak to your doctor about your concern to alleviate the symptoms.
  • Drinking more water can help to hydrate body health, as well as benefiting the skin as it smooths the skin beneath your eyes.
  • Using a cold compress also helps to whisk off eye bags and dark eye circles gradually as it drains the excess fluids under the eyes.

Types of Dark Eye Circles

Eye bags are commonly suffered by people from different ages or genders and can be diverse or complex due to different kinds of reasons. However, eye bags can be classified into different types.

  • Brown: Dark eye circles that appear in brownish colour where the darkness moves with the skin as it stretches, are usually caused by post-inflammation, allergies like hay fever, hyperpigmentation when the body overproduces melanin, too much exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, medications or genetics.

To prevent getting brown dark eye circles, It is highly advised to avoid rubbing the eyes and protect the eye areas from sun exposure with sunscreen, as well as using a minimal pressure when removing makeup.

  • Dark Brown or Black: Dark eye circles that appear in dark brownish or black colour usually lightens up when the skin stretches, usually caused by shadows cast due to saggy skin. Dark eye circles that appear in these shade colours are mainly due to a lack of collagen and elasticity and an accumulation of fat tissues under the eye area, as well as genetically deep tear troughs.

Wearing sunscreen often to avoid sun exposure can help with reducing dark eye circles and using anti-ageing products, or having a healthy diet and lifestyle with frequent exercise can add value to treating dark eye circles.

  • Blue: Dark eye circles that appear in blue colour do not move or change when the skin stretches. They are usually caused by a few factors including poor blood circulation, stress, smoking, lack of sleep, skin on the eye area starts to get thin, dehydration or over consumption of salty and spicy food, including alcohol, and long hours of blue light exposure. 

A change or adjustment to the daily lifestyle or habits can help with reducing blue dark eye circles. Including adjustment to bed time and making sure to get enough sleep, consumption of healthy food and drink enough water. Applying heat packs or giving a massage on the eye area can also help in treating blue dark eye circles.

Types of Eye Bags

Under eye bags are usually due to an unhealthy lifestyle accumulated overtime such as not getting enough sleep and smoking or alcohol consumption.

Types of eye bags can be classified into:

  • Adipose Eye Bags: Usually caused by an accumulation of suborbital fat that is usually found under the eye. Collagen and elastin starts to decrease when we reach a certain age, causing the skin to sag under the eyes when tissues and muscles weaken, resulting in puffiness under the eye also known as eye bags.
  • Watery Eye Bags: Liquid accumulation is the cause of puffy under eyes known as watery eye bags that are usually visible in the morning when you wake up. This is due to the consumption of packaged, processed foods or too much salt intake.

Say BYE to Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles with Aesthetic Treatments

Eye area issues are very common for those over the age of 25. With a number of non-invasive aesthetic treatments available, eye bags and dark eye circles can be whisk away easily . 

  • Sunekos Eyes: An injectable treatment that contains a patented formula of 6 Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid to enable and boost both collagen and elastin reproduction, improving eye bags, dark eye circles or tear troughs. It also adds value to removing fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes, restoring skin’s health and physiological balance, and adding hydration for natural volumizing effect.
  • Rejuran i (eye): An injectable treatment that targets anti-ageing and contains salmon DNA, also known as Polynucleotides, beneficial in reducing eye bags, dark eye circles, crow’s feet and fine lines & wrinkles, as well as improving the elasticity around the eye area.
  • Dermal Fillers: An injectable treatment use to improve the appearance around the eye area, promoting volume loss and rejuvenation on the skin and serves as a hydration treatment by stimulating collagen reproduction, filling up fine lines and wrinkles by injecting substance into the skin and plumping and smoothen it up.
  • Pico Laser: A non-ablative laser treatment targeting pigmentations and acts as a skin brightener, as well as fading acne marks and improving the overall skin texture by reducing pimple growth with minimal pain and a low downtime.


Our daily lifestyle and diet affect our appearance. Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water is very important if we want to maintain a youthful look, as well as benefit our health.

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