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What is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Tattoo Removal?

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Whether it is a misspelled word or something you considered awesome when you were 18 but not at 50, perhaps you wished you could turn back time and prevent yourself from having it. You may be thinking, could tattoos be removed without surgery?

Tattoo Removal Methods: What Works?

When searching the web for tattoo removal treatments, you will come across many natural methods, such as sugar scrubs and lemon juice mixtures. While these homemade remedies may work for semi-permanent ink, like henna, they will not be effective for permanent ink. The ink is deeply embedded in the skin and cannot be completely removed by any chemical mixtures.

The bottom line? Non-laser removal methods are not effective.

There is no effective topical treatment. The only way to achieve close to 100% permanent tattoo removal is through laser technology, which penetrates deep beneath the skin’s surface to destroy ink pigments.

However, there may be certain instances when a non-laser option is preferable, such as with eyebrow tattoo removal on a sensitive body part. In such cases, an expertly injected tattoo removal cream could be a safe and effective option.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The word “laser” may seem harsh to others, but it’s an incredibly safe and quick process. In simpler terms, a concentrated heat energy pulse permeates your skin so fast that the pigment beneath is broken down, but the skin around it is not damaged. The smaller ink particles are absorbed and gotten rid of by your body.

What Is Pico Laser Tattoo Removal?

Pico laser is a different laser type that allows dermatologists to eliminate tattoos more effectively than ever before. A Pico laser can discharge a similar energy level as a Q-Switch laser in a picosecond or a trillion of a second. It’s the world’s quickest laser for cosmetic dermatology.

Why Does This Matter?

The faster the laser, the less heat it generates. Slow lasers can cause skin scarring and damage due to excessive heat, but the Pico laser is so quick that it does not burn skin tissue. In comparison to a Q-Switch, the Pico laser can break down ink particles into tiny fragments, resulting in shorter treatment periods and more thorough tattoo removal.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

 You may experience some discomfort – it’s often compared to the feeling of being pricked by a needle. The good news is that, unlike tattoos, the discomfort is short-lived and lasts only a few minutes. If you’ve had laser treatments before, you’re probably familiar with the sensation.

How Long Does It Take to Remove Tattoos with Pico Laser?

How Long Does It Take to Remove Tattoos with Pico Laser?

The time it takes can be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Size
  • Color of ink
  • The tattoo’s placement on the body

Whatever the case may be, one thing is definite: it will not take nearly as long as having a tattoo. A Pico laser tattoo removal procedure takes minutes (20 minutes on average). Larger patterns, intricate colors, and ink on more delicate body regions can take a few minutes longer, but you will usually be in and out in about an hour. That’s right; it’s that fast! You will be virtually fully tat-free in a few more treatments over the next couple of months.


The best choice for eliminating undesirable ink is a picosecond laser, which may also be used to deal with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne scars. Unlike a traditional facelift, there is no downtime following the operation, so you can go back to enjoying your life right away. Contact us today at Become Aesthetics Clinic to enquire more on tattoo removing laser.

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